‘Doctor Strange: A Separate Reality’ Epic Collection Returns to our Reality in December

Doctor Strange knows a thing or two about the fluid nature of reality, so the return of the A Separate Reality Epic Collection would be no surprise to the good doctor.

Just in case you missed 2016’s first edition, the re-release will be available in December, featuring some of Strange’s greatest adventures including the “Sise-Neg Genesis” and “Silver Dagger” storylines, as well as the Death of the Ancient One, and battles against The Undying Ones, Baron Mordo, and Shuma-Gorath.

The stories in the Epic Collection are conjured by “Marvel Magicians” such as Roy Thomas, Gardner F. Fox, Steve Englehart, Mike Friedrich, Stan Lee,  Gene Colan, Herb Trimpe, Ross Andru, Barry Winsor Smith, Irv Wesley, Frank Brunner, Craig Russell, Jim Starlin, and Steve Ditko. 

Doctor Strange: A Separate Reality captures: Doctor Strange (1968) #180-183, Sub-Mariner #22, Incredible Hulk #126, Marvel Feature #1, Marvel Premiere #3-14, and the relaunched Doctor Strange (1974) #1-5.

Check out the classic Brunner cover below and look for the Epic Collection (which consists of 472 pages and retails for $44.99) at your local comic shop on December 22.


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