‘Destination Fear’ Cancelled; Will Continue as ‘Project Fear’ on YouTube Through Kickstarter Campaign

After weeks of speculation about the future of Destination Fear on the Travel Channel and discovery+, Dakota Laden has confirmed that the series has indeed been cancelled.

This is not the end for the Destination Fear team however, as Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman, and Alex Schroeder will continue with a newly branded series entitled Project Fear on YouTube. 

In the first video about the new venture, the team announced that Project Fear will kick off with an eight part series called “Return to Terror” that will bring them back to Sweet Springs Sanitarium in West Virginia, as well as new haunted locations.

Project Fear will seek funding through a new Kickstarter campaign, and the goal is to raise $65,000 for production costs.

Schroeder sees the new opportunity as a chance “to create a self-sustaining show” that can be funded for “the fraction of the cost of what it cost to fund one episode of Destination Fear.”

Dakota Laden said “If you can, only if you can, we ask that you contribute to our campaign.”

The Kickstarter campaign will also feature a number of perks such as signed photos of the team and zoom calls with entire crew.

Stay tuned to Conskipper for more information about Project Fear and check out the announcement video below and all of our Destination Fear legacy interviews and news right here.


  1. Sad to see Destination end but ecstatic Project Fear is still happening. Shared this on Facebook. Can’t wait guys

    1. I too am excited for their next: Project Fear… GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS

  2. I absolutely love your show. I really enjoy your love and friendliness with each other . I wish you guys all the luck in the world . You guys got this !!!!

  3. Love this show absolutely love it. Maybe Zac Bagans could help you guys get back o the road. God bless 💕

    1. I think they will do fine getting back on the road. If Zac Baggins is added to the group I will not watch it. That would be sad.

  4. I can’t believe the Discovery + and Travel Channel are cancelling so many great shows. I loved this show and it actually spanned many generations of supporters in my family. My niece who is 17 watched it, I am in my 50’s and watched it, and my 80 year old mom watched it. We will definately do what we can to support you in your new endeavour. Maybe I’ll take the money I was paying the Discovery + channel and use it for you. They are ruining themselves by cancelling all of the best paranormal shows like yours. Blessings to your new adventures. You really worked hard to get to where you are (I was shocked that you had to purchase your own equipment) but knowing how hard you worked, I can’t wait to see your new show and new experiences. You go guys!!!

  5. I have watched all the paranormal shows. But Zak Baggins needs to go. Unprofessional screaming not getting his hands dirty. When he did what he did to Nick Goff and know Destination Fear. Travel Channel you have lost your edge. I haven’t watched Ghost Adventures since Nick left. But I pay for service, I am not a parent of teenagers. Bad move on your part.

    1. SO sad to hear that Destination Fear was cancelled. What’s wrong with these networks? My 11 yr old granddaughter and I ALWAYS watched it together. Oh well. Their loss. Good luck guys

    2. I stopped watching Ghost Adventures years ago. Zac was always quick to send in other group members rather than face the fear himself. That show needs to go

  6. I’ve watched you grow up on Destination Fear I keep watching your series over and over I’m so excited you guys are returning I absolutely adore the love and respect you have for each other you work your asses off good luck please don’t ever stop just keep being real that’s why this is such a great show so much respect for you guys sending so much love your way I’ll try to help THE SQUAD IS TOGETHER !!!!

  7. My name is Robert Christian I’ve been watching your show from day one you have the most awesome show keeps you guessing keeps you moving keeps you jumping oh my goodness I can’t believe that Zach baggins is that big of a piece of s*** to do what he did to you and golf you guys had some of the best paranormal shows going on I am so glad you started your new show project fear I will be watching most definitely and with Zack just considered a source keep moving forward and karma will deal with his ass love you all show love you guys can’t wait to see you on TV

  8. Love ypi guys show!! Mad the Discovery show is over. Change is necessary. You’re all talented and you make us feel like we are just hanging out with you on am adventure. My 7 year old prefers Dacoba (Dakota) over Zak. Thank you for the adventures. On to New ones, my family will definitely be supporting.

  9. I am sad that Destination Fear is ending but jazzed that you all will continue your investigations through Project Fear. I am an avid fan and I will be with you every step of the way. You will have my continued monetary support. I can’t wait to see your next investigation!

  10. Zak Bagans is a joke to me anymore, I have wondered if he was the cause of your show being cancelled and now he has left travel channel for discovery. My 2 favroite shows are Destination Fear and Ghost Hunters. Glad to hear you have another protect in the works. Good Luck guys

  11. I CANNOT BELIEVE DESTINATION FEAR HAS BEEN CANCELLED! This is the only paranormal show I watch.. it’s spooky, it’s scary and most of all it’s funny. The cast is so hysterical.. and the show is so much better than the other shows dealing in the paranormal. COME ON! Bring them back!

  12. This has been my favourite show from the very beginning and was devastated to here of its ending but this new phoenix rising from the ashes sounds like so much more.
    You four are the business.
    Keep it up guys.

  13. Best of luck to you all. The Travel Channel was my favorite because of programs like your’s but unfortunately not anymore!

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