‘Daredevil & Echo’ Reunite for New Mini-Series by Taboo, B. Earl, and Phil Noto

The upcoming Daredevil & Echo mini-series by Taboo, B. Earl, and Phil Noto pits Matt Murdock and Maya Lopez against ’90s villain the Demogoblin this May.

The four-issue mini puts the pair on the case against the demonic Spider-Man adversary, who has been abducting children in Murdock’s Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City.

Taboo said that “It’s an honor to be rocking this new Daredevil project along with the amazing mighty matriarch Echo. We are about to have a blast bringing the heat to Hell’s Kitchen! Can’t wait for the world check out this crazy ride!”

Earl calls his work for Marvel “a privileged blessing” and the co-writer is ready to “…now take that lens and bring it to the iconic character Daredevil is personally an incredible opportunity since I was raised both Catholic and Jewish. Combining Daredevil’s Roman Catholic devotion with Echo’s Native heritage while weaving back and forth between time periods to explore their ancestors has got me giddy at our opportunity to tell another mind-bendingly Marvelous tale!”

Look for the first issue of Daredevil & Echo in stores on May 24 and check out Noto’s cover below.

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