Dan Slott Ends Four Year Run on ‘Fantastic Four’ in August

Dan Slott appropriately ends his “four” year run on Fantastic Four this August, wrapping up his final storyline, “Reckoning War”, with issue #46 on August 24.

Slott brought back “the Four” in 2018, after a three year hiatus, precipitated by the events of 2015’s Secret Wars. Slott will be moving on to a character that he is synonymous with, the Amazing Spider-Man, with a brand new Spider-Man ongoing series with Mark Bagley.

Slott says that he “…would have loved to have stayed on FF longer. I would have loved to write stories about the FF until the end of time. I got to hit the big notes, and on the way, I got to do stories I didn’t even know I wanted to do!”

The first comics that made Slott a fan were his cousins issues of Fantastic Four and his favorite run on the title was John Bryne’s (who went a little over a year longer than Slott).

Look for Slott’s last issue of Fantastic Four on August 24, and his new Spider-Man series this October.

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