Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks: September 22, 2020

Welcome back to Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks for the week of September 22, 2020!

Fall is upon us and pumpkin-spiced and apple cider products dominate a leaf-filled landscape. At your local comic shop, the flavors are more diverse, especially this week, with new series and the return of a long-delayed title that is sure to surprise fans.

Doctor Doom #7 (Marvel Comics): Christopher Cantwell and Salvador Larroca continue their examination of the chief villain of the Marvel Universe in their political take on the trails and tribulations of Doom as displaced ruler of Latveria. Not since the days of Super Villain Team-Up has it been this fun to see the world from Von Doom’s perspective. Cantwell’s and Larroca’s story is a reminder of how important a piece Doom is to the Marvel foundation, while still forging new ground with their focus on espionage.

Aquaman #63 (DC Comics): Jordan Clark and Marco Santucci wrap up their entertaining two part “Homecoming” storyline in this issue with a focus on the slimy denizens of the Trench 9who have long been rumored for their own cinematic horror film). Arthur’s chief bad guy “under the sea” also makes an appearance in the form of Black Manta, all while an important wedding looms on the horizon. The team of Clark and Santucci pave the way for Kelly Sue DeConnick to bring this Aquaman series to a close over the next few months (with a relaunch undoubtedly on the horizon).

Immortal She-Hulk #1 (Marvel Comics): The fallout from Marvel’s cosmic event series Empyre come home for Jennifer Walters in this stand-alone issue by Al Ewing and Jon Davis-Hunt. With the Cotati invasion’s impact on the Marvel Universe and Walters specifically, Ewing applies his successful brand of storytelling to She-Hulk. Will this issue lead to a new series or further involvement of Bruce Banner’s cousin in the Immortal Hulk series? The possibilities are high, especially with casting news announced for the new She-Hulk television series on Disney+.

Juggernaut #1 (Marvel Comics): Arguably the most popular X-Villain gets his own series in this debut issue by long-time X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza and one of Marvel’s most popular artists, Ron Garney. The cover alone by Geoff Shaw is reason enough to pick up the first issue of this series, featuring Cain Marko in all of his building-smashing glory. Whether this new series incorporates any material from Jonathan Hickman’s current take on the X-Universe is yet to be determined, but Juggernaut is always able to attract fans irregardless of any connections to what may be going on in other titles.

-Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams- The Lost Year Compendium (IDW/DC Comics): Sam Kieth fans are known to be a patient bunch, and after nearly two years, the writer/artist is about to deliver the conclusion to 2018’s Batman/Maxx crossover. This week doesn’t see a new issue of the series, but it does bring a new collection of the previous three issues in the series which many have missed (or forgotten about). The cover lets fans in on the joke with both Batman and The Maxx lamenting the fact that it has taken Kieth this long to complete his mini-series. The entire story will be wrapped up with issues #4 and #5 being released this October, two weeks apart.

That’s it for this week, so get out there and enjoy this week’s comics.

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