Charlie Jane Anders and Enid Balám’s ‘New Mutants Lethal Legion’ Series Introduces New Super Villain Team

Charlie Jane Anders and Enid Balám introduce a new team of super villains in March’s New Mutants Lethal Legion mini-series.

The five issue series will pit Escapade (and her best friend Morgan and their flying turtle Hibbert), Wolfsbane, Cerebella, and Leo against the devious group (and is you check out the cover by Javi Fernandez below, it looks like the Demon Bear and The Shadow King may be involved).

Anders is happy to be back on a New Mutants book, and says that “I was overjoyed when Marvel asked me to do a whole New Mutants miniseries of my very own, where I can stretch out and explore these characters in more depth. After the dark, scary storyline in “The Sublime Saga”, I was eager to change gears and do something funnier and lighter, and it’s been a total blast getting to play around in the Marvel Universe.”

Look for the first issue of New Mutants Lethal Legion at your local comic shop on March 8 and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your mutant news.

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