‘Avengers West Coast: Darker than Scarlet’ Epic Collection Highlights Wanda Maximoff’s First Breakdown 

The second half of John Byrne’s Avengers West Coast run is collected in the Darker than Scarlet Epic Collection, focused primarily on Wanda Maximoff’s first nervous breakdown.

The latest Avengers West Coast Epic Collection contains Avengers West Coast #53-64, Avengers West Coast Annual #5, The Avengers #311-313, and selections from The Avengers Annual #19 and parody book, What The –?! #6.

Byrne’s seminal story features an evil Scarlet Witch turn (with some help from Magneto and Immortus), that would lead to a number of other problems for Wanda Maximoff (and also help inspire Disney+’s WandaVision series).

The rest of the collection (representing issues from 1989 to 1990) includes the Avengers/ West Coast Avengers Acts of Vengeance crossover and a battle with Terminus (with an assist from the Lion of Olympus, Hercules).

After Byrne’s exit in issue #57, writers Fabian Nicieza, Danny Fingeroth, Roy Thomas, and Terry Kavanagh share the bulk of the storytelling duties, joined by artists Keith Williams, Paul Ryan, Tom Morgan, Randy Emberlin, Gary Hartle, Chris Ivy, Brad Vancata, Danny Bulanadi, Chris Wozniak, Jim Fry, Tom Palmer, Herb Trimpe, Jeff Albrecht, and Terry Austin.

The Avengers West Coast: Darker than Scarlet Epic Collection contains 456 pages for a retail price of $39.99.

Look for the latest collection at your local comic shop on January 12.

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