‘Amazing Spider-Man: Ghosts of the Past’ Epic Collection Haunts Readers Again

The Amazing Spider-Man: Ghost of the Past Epic Collection returns for a third time to give fans the chance to once again relive some classic mid-80s Spidey action.

Ghost of the Past (originally collected in 2014 and 2016) contains The Amazing Spider-Man #259-272, primarily by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Joe Rubinstein, with a few fill-in issues by Bob Layton, Craig Anderson, Peter David, and Danny Fingeroth.

The Epic Collection also includes The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #18, featuring a script by Stan Lee entitled “The Scorpion Takes a Bride!” (with plot by Tom DeFalco and art by Frenz, Layton and Jackson Guice) and The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19 with a story by Louise Simonson, Mary Wilshire and Pat Redding that sees the new Spider-Slayer capture Mary Jane Watson because he believes she is Spider-Man.

Web of Spider-Man #1 and 6 are also provided for good measure, both taking place in the same time frame as the bulk of the Spidey stories.

Additional pencils and inks are provided by Paty Cockrum, Sal Buscema, Bob McLeod, Greg LaRocque, Mike Harris, Mike Zeck, Dave Simons, Brett Breeding, Carlos Garzon, John Beatty, Kyle Baker, and Jim Mooney.

Highlights in the collection include the return of the Hobgoblin, Spidey’s showdown with the symbiotic alien costume, a Secret Wars II cross-over featuring The Kingpin and a gold skyscraper (courtesy of The Beyonder) skyscraper to gold, the debut of Silver Sable, and the wall-crawler’s cover battle with former herald of Galactus, Firelord.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Ghost of the Past Epic Collection consists of 472 pages for a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Check out the cover by Frenz and Rubinstein below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your classic comic news.

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