Aliens Infest New ‘Alien: Black, White, & Blood’ Anthology Series

Marvel Comics extends the Black, White, & Blood concept to a series always guaranteed to be drenched in blood in this February’s Alien: Black, White, & Blood series.

The four issue series will feature Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Michael Dowling’s “Utopia” story, which will span all four issues along with other stand-alone anthologized stories.

The first issue will also feature stories by Ryan Cady and Stephanie Phillips and Marcelo Ferreira, with more creative teams for subsequent issues to be named in the future.  

The Marvel Comics and 20th Century Studios collaboration will also add a little green to the palette, but only when things get extra dangerous (and most likely involve alien blood).

Previous entries in the Black, White, & Blood series have profiled Wolverine, Deadpool, Moon Knight, Elektra, Carnage, and Marvel Zombies. The Dark Lord of the Sith also starred in the “blood-free” (at least in the title) Darth Vader: Black, White, & Red series.

All of the previous Black, White, & Blood series have also received both a vintage Treasury-style edition and a traditional trade paperback collection a few months after the monthly mini-series have wrapped up.

Look for the first issue on sale at your local comic shop on February 7 and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Alien news.

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