Darth Vader Stars in His Own ‘Black, White & Red’ Anthology Series

The Dark Lord of the Sith is going to have to punish “Rebel scum” with the aid of only three colors in April’s Star Wars: Darth Vader-Black, White, & Red anthology series.

The new Vader mini-series is another addition to Marvel’s Black, White, & Blood line (although the often mistaken “Red” is being substituted in the title for the “Blood” this time around),with previous anthologies focusing on WolverineDeadpool, Moon Knight, Carnage, and Elektra.

Each story will naturally be told in stark black, white, and red by some of the best in the business including Jason Aaron, who makes his return to the Star Wars comic Universe that he relaunched in 2015.

Aaron is excited to get back to one of his favorite stories (and sentences that he’s ever written), saying “‘All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men.’ That moment from Star Wars: Vader Down is still one of my favorite things I’ve written during my time at Marvel. I loved getting to let Darth Vader cut loose with all his power in such an epic way. And I couldn’t pass up the chance to revel in the dark side again and put Vader in an even more perilous situation… and then see how he carves his way out.”

While previous stories in the anthology series have only lasted one issue, Aaron and Leonard Kirk’s story will span all four issues.

The first issue will also include Peach Momoko’s first-ever interior work for a Star Wars comic, taking on both writing and illustrating chores for her story. Writer Torunn Grønbekk will also make her Star Wars debut in issue one of the anthology.

Future artists and writers for subsequent issues will be announced soon.

All of the previous Black, White, & Blood series have been collected as Treasury-sized comics (which the first generation of “Star Wars kids” remember very fondly), so here’s hoping that Vader also gets an over-sized edition when the series ends.

Check out the cover by Alex Maleev below and look for issue #1 at your favorite comic shop on April 26.

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