‘Deadpool: Black, White, and Blood’ Gets Marvel Treasury Treatment

The recent Deadpool: Black, White, and Blood anthology series gets the classic Marvel oversized treatment with a special Treasury Edition this January.

The 13″ x 9″ edition collects the entire four issue mini-series by the likes of Ed Brisson, Tom Taylor, James Stokoe, While Portacio, and Phil Noto, and comes packed with adult-oriented tales of the mutant known as Wade Wilson.

Some of the stories include the “Merc with a Mouth’s” tirade about streaming platforms, his anger over the loss of video stores, and an invasion of a foreign country.

Deadpool’s “frenemy” Wolverine also got the treasury treatment recently with his Black, White, and Red series as well.

Look for the Deadpool treasury in stores on January 26 with a retail price of $29.99.

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