Relive Some of the Early DC Multiverse Adventures in ‘Crisis on Multiple Earths: Crisis Crossed’ Book Two Graphic Novel

DC Comics, home to the original multiverse, will present more of the classic Justice League and Justice Society of America crossovers in Crisis on Multiple Earths: Crisis Crossed Book Two.

The second volume collects Justice League of America (starting with 1971’s Solomon Grundy battle by Mike Friedrich, Dick Dillin, and Joe Giella ) issues #91-92, 100-102, 107-108, 113, 123-124, 135-137, 147-148, and 159-160.

The stories feature team-ups between the heroes of Earth-One and Earth-Two as they encounter, new unknown worlds, heroes, and villains such as the Seven Soldiers of Victory, Earth-X and the Freedom Fighters, Earth-S and Captain Marvel, and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The collection features work by Len Wein, Cary Bates, E. Nelson Bridwell, Elliot Maggin, Paul Levitz, Martin Pasko, Gerry Conway, Frank McLaughlin, and Dick Giordano. 

Crisis on Multiple Earths: Crisis Crossed Book Two also features an introduction by colorist Carl Gafford.

The softcover (available on January 25) contains 424 pages for a cover price of $39.99 and a cover by Kerry Gammill (a reworking of an Ernie Chan cover that you can check out below).

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