‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Reclaims Top Spot at Weekend Box Office

If we have learned anything about Spider-Man over the last sixty years, it is that he is a hard hero to keep down.

Case in point, Spidey returned to the top spot on the box office charts this weekend, defeating that villainous Ghost Face for first overall and an estimated $14.1 million in ticket sales.

The fifth Scream film (and you can check out our extensive review by our resident Scream expert, John Evans, right here) finished second with an estimated $12.4 million.

No Way Home currently sits behind Avatar with $721 million, under $40 million away from overtaking the James Cameron film for third place all time at the domestic box office. With little competition over the next month, can Spidey web up the Na’vi?

Come back next week to see is the three Spider-Men can hold onto the top spot once again.

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