‘Wolverine: Weapon X’ Gets Over-Sized, Hardcover Gallery Edition

Barry Windsor-Smith’s character-defining Wolverine: Weapon X story gets an impressive gallery edition release this March.

The over-sized (9 1/4′ x 13″) hardcover collects the entire Weapon X tale that was originally featured in 1991’s Marvel Comics Presents #72-84, as well as Windsor-Smith’s five-page story from Wolverine #166 (2001) and the comic that led to Weapon-X, Uncanny X-Men #205’s (1986) “Wounded Wolf!” by Chris Claremont and Windsor-Smith.

The Wolverine: Weapon X Gallery Edition contains 200 pages for a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Look for the larger-than-life comic at your favorite comic book shop on March 30.

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