Ann Nocenti Teams Up With Sid Kotian for New Retro ‘Storm’ Mini-Series

Ann Nocenti and Sid Kotian put Storm back in her 1983 punk outfit for a brand new mini-series that also takes place in the same era.

The five-issue limited series revisits the X-Men mythos at a time when Storm lead the X-Men (and the Morlocks) and focuses on her struggles to contain her powers just as she is figuring out how to lead the team.

The in-continuity throwback series will also include a new nemesis and a new love interest for Ororo Munroe.

Nocenti is excited to return to the comics from her past and says that “I joke about how cool it is that Marvel ‘brings back us old timers to sing our greatest hits’ for the Legends series, but it truly is an honor and a joy. When Editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner then asked me to write a story with ‘punk’ Storm, I wanted the story to reflect her outfit. I thought about punk musicians like Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols, and their apocryphal rebellious attitude. So it was exciting to start from there, and think, ‘What would Storm rebel against?’ Her own powers? The X-Men? Being Team leader?”

Nocenti is also a fan of the new direction of the Uncanny X-Men (which she edited from 1984-1988), saying “I picked up a stack of current X-Men, and really loved the exciting new places the X-Men have gone, and was inspired by those stories. So that even though this story takes place long ago, there are hints in Storm, Kitty Pryde, and the other X-Men as to who the will become in the future.”

Look for Storm #1 at your local comic shop on May 24, and check out the Alan Davis cover for the first issue below.

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