‘Wolverine: Blood and Claws’ Epic Collection Coming in July

Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri’s initial Wolverine run (which began in 1990) will be collected in the latest Wolverine Epic Collection entitled Wolverine: Blood and Claws this July.

Hama and Silverstri’s work on the title is widely considered one of the best arcs for Logan, and includes a series of adventures in Madripoor, Japan, the Yukon, and all points in between. Wolverine faces off against his greatest opponents in these issues such as Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, the Reavers, and the cyborg Wolverine doppelganger named Albert.

The issues also contains guest appearances by compatriots such as Jubilee, Forge, Cable, Nick Fury, Jean Grey, Puck, and even Ernest Hemingway (courtesy of a flashback to the days of the Spanish Civil War)!

Besides Hama and Silverstri’s issues (#31-43), Wolverine: Blood and Claws also contains a stand-alone story by Peter David and Larry Stroman (#44), and two one-shots from the same time period: Wolverine: Blood Lust by Alan Davis and Paul Neary and the hard-to-find graphic novel Wolverine: Bloody Choices by Tom DeFalco and John Buscema (for a grand total of 456 pages).

Wolverine: Blood and Claws Epic Collection will be in comic stores on July 7 and retails for $39.99.

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