Mintych Authentics Announces Exclusive Private Autograph Signing With ‘X-Men’ and ‘True Blood’ Star Anna Paquin

X-Men and True Blood fans will be happy to hear that Mintych Authentics will be hosting a private signing with Anna Paquin this June.

This is Paquin’s first private signing and Mintych Authentics will be taking send in items, as well as offering signed photos and Rogue Funko Pops for preorder.

The signing will take place in late June and all send-ins are due by June 10. Personalization and short inscriptions are available and all signed items will also include Beckett Certification.

The presale is now live and will end on June 10 (send ins are also due by this date).

Stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your autograph signing news.

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