Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo Reunite for New Batman/Spawn Crossover

There’s some big Spawn news coming out of SDCC 2022 in the form of a brand new Batman/Spawn crossover from Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo.

Announced in San Diego, and originally reported by CBR, “Batman/Spawn #1 is a 48-page one-shot that hits comic book store shelves on Dec. 13″ 2022. The story will feature McFarlane and Cupullo working side by side on pencils and inks for interior pages for the first time in ages.

Capullo took to Twitter to share a photo with McFarlane in celebration of the announcement.

Spawn and Batman last faced each other in 1994 in the form of an Image comic by McFarlane and Frank Miller and a DC book by Doug Moench, Alan Grant and Chuck Dixon, and Klaus Janson. Entitled Batman/Spawn: War Devil, that DC book will be reprinted for November 15th to run up to the release of the new book.

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