‘The Thing’ Omnibus Collects Entire Solo Series

The Fantastic Four’s ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing stars in his own omnibus collecting his entire solo series and many other notable Thing stories from the 1980s.

All 36 issues of The Thing series from 1983-1986 and written by John Byrne and Mike Carlin with art by Ron Wilson, Joe Sinnott, Brett Breeding, Hilary Barta, Mike Gustovich, Bob Layton, Paul Ryan, Dennis Janke, Kim DeMulder, and Sam De La Rosa are contained in the 1,160 page Thing-sized Omnibus.

Ben Grimm’s solo title begins with a series of adventures at home, before the hero leaves Earth behind after the events of Secret Wars, relocating to Battleworld as Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger. Upon his inevitable return, The Thing tries his hand at being a pro-wrestler (which was all the rage back in 1986) as a member of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

The Thing Omnibus also contains some notable solo stories such as “Homecoming” from Fantastic Four #296 featuring Stan Lee’s return to the title (with an assist by Jim Shooter) and art by a cavalcade of top talent such as Barry Windsor-Smith, Kerry Gammill, Vince Colletta, Ron Frenz, Bob Wiacek, Al Milgrom, Klaus Jansen, John Buscema, Steve Leialoha, Marc Silvestri, Joe Rubenstein, Jerry Ordway, and Sinnott.

Jim Starlin and Berni Wrightson’s The Incredible Hulk and the Thing: The Big Change Graphic Novel from 1987 is also included in the collection, along with Fantastic Four #274 and 277, Secret Wars II #7, Avengers West Coast #10, the odd-ball video game tie-in Questprobe #3, Marvel Tales #198, and Thing stories from Marvel Fanfare #15 and Marvel Super Heroes #5.

The Thing Omnibus is currently available at your favorite comic shop and comes with a suggested retail price of $125.00.

The Omnibus is available with covers by John Byrne and Ron Wilson (variant) pictured below.

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