The ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Omnibus Vol. 4 Collects the Start of Gerry Conway’s Run on Series

Marvel continues to reprint classic Omnibus volumes with the second edition of Volume 4 of the Amazing Spider-Man collection.

The fourth volume marks the scripting transition from Stan Lee to Gerry Conway, ushering in a whole new set of victories, problems, and tragedies for Peter Parker. Volume 4 collects The Amazing Spider-Man #105-142, Giant Size Super Heroes: Featuring Spider-Man (1974), and Marvel Super Heroes #14.

Lee and Conway are joined by some of the greatest Spider-Man artists such as Gil Kane, John Romita, Sr., Jim Starlin, Paul Reinman, Ross Andru, Frank Giacoia, Tony Mortellaro, Jim Mooney, Dave Hunt, Mike Esposito, and Bill Everett in the collection as well.

Highlights include one of the most reprinted stories in comic’s history involving the return of the Green Goblin and the untimely death of Gwen Stacy, as well as the debut of the Punisher, the wedding of Aunt May and Doc Ock, Harry Osborn coping with the legacy of his father, and the increased presence of Mary Jane Watson in Peter Parker’s life.

The original Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Volume 4 was released in 2019.

The Omnibus consists of 976 pages for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

The cover are once again provided by Frank Cho and John Romita Sr., which you can marvel at below.

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