‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ Gets First Omnibus Collection

The second solo Spider-Man title finally gets an Omnibus collection in November when Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man arrives at your local comic shop.

The Omnibus collects the start of the 1976 series with issues #1-42, The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1, and crossover stories in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #13 and Fantastic Four #218.

The series was known for more nuanced, two and three part stories that continued to focus on Parker’s life and supporting cast, along with all of the web-slinging action. Some of Marvel’s finest, including writers Gerry Conway, Jim Shooter, Archie Goodwin, Bill Mantlo, Chris Claremont, Tony Isabella, Tom DeFalco, Marv Wolfman, and artists Sal Buscema, Ross Andru, Frank Miller, John Romita, Jr., Rich Buckler, John Byrne, Mike Esposito, Ernie Chan, Pablo Marcos, Joe Sinnott, Terry Austin, and Mike Zeck, contributed to the series.

The first forty-two issues saw Peter combat traditional villains such Tarantula, Kraven, The Vulture, The Scorpion, The Beetle, The Lizard, and Morbius, as well as more obscure threats such as The Hitman, Razorback, Iguana, Schizoid-Man, Swarm, The Hypno-Hustler, Cyclone, and the unforgettable Brother Power and Sister Sun. Spidey also gets some help from his friends along the way such as Moon Knight, Daredevil, Ice Man, Angel, White Tiger, Giant Man and The Human Torch.

The Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man contains 928 pages and comes with your choice of the original first issue cover by Sal Buscema and John Romita or Dave Cockrum’s cover for the highly sought after issue #22 featuring Moon Knight.

Cover price for the collection is listed as $125.00, which will be in stores on November 22.

Check out both covers below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic collection news.

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