Si Spurrier and Jan Bazaldua Form ‘Legion of X’

As part of the upcoming “Destiny of X” storyline, Si Spurrier returns to the X-Universe with a brand-new team of mutants to protect the rights and safety of their fellow citizens of Krakoa. Spurier will be joined by artist Jan Bazaldua on Legion of X, which will hit your local comic shop on April 20.

The Legion of X consists of Nightcrawler, Legion, Pixie, Juggernaut, Blindfold, and Dr. Nemesis, whose first mission is “…a hunt for a missing Arakkii god, a skinjacker possessing innocent mutants, and a villain worth praying for…”

Spurrier calls Legion of X “a precinct-style ensemble story” and is excited to explore the mutants again in a time when “…the Marvel Universe has this densely packed, beautiful (and beautifully volatile) population of superhumans, out in the open, all in one place. It needs peacekeepers, sure… but it’s a mistake to think of them as simply cops. You don’t get far in Krakoa if the limit of your imagination is beating people up or reaching for a gun. Mutant civilization needs those who think differently.”

Spurrier is excited to work with Bazaldua on Legion of X who is “doing the work of her life” on the new series. The writer also praised the level of collaboration between all of the creative teams behind all of the X-titles, saying that “It’s no secret that the writers of the X-office have formed one of the tightest cells of additive cross-title creativity in our industry. It’s no exaggeration to say that the events you’ll encounter in Legion of X are dominoes being flipped whose chains of repercussion will feed the greatest earthquake in modern comicdom, which is rumbling devastatingly down the pipe towards you even now…”

Check out the cover by Dike Ruan and the variant cover by Bob Quinn below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all things X.

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