Seventh Season of ‘Spooked’ Begins on September 9

Monsters chasing after people, small hands holding people down, and creepy people who have to say “good evening” BEFORE you do – these are just a few of the scenarios that will be featured on the new season of Spooked.

The popular podcast featuring stories from people who have had terrifying encounters with the paranormal will be back for its seventh season starting on September 9. 

Hosted by Glynn Washington (and you can check out our recent interview with him right here), the new season will bring 26 new episodes that will stretch through next Spring. 

Spooked’s producers always look for stories from people of various cultures and locations, and the tales this season range from the Caribbean to Mexico.  To check out the trailer for the new season, go here.

Those who want to catch the stories as they are released can do so by subscribing to the Luminary Channel on Apple Podcasts, or directly on Luminary. Those who have a story to share can contact the show at

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