Rob Liefeld Returns to ‘X-Force’ for 30th Anniversary Special

Rob Liefeld will return to his 1991 New Mutants spin-off, X-Force, on November 24 to celebrate the creation of Cable’s team of militant mutants.

The one-shot special, entitled X-Force: Killshot, will feature a new adventure starring Cable and friends as they assemble five distinct X-Force squadrons (from various points in their timeline) for a full-frontal assault on Asteroid S and the devious Stryfe.

Liefeld remembers the financial windfall that his mutant title created (which sold over five million polybagged copies), saying that “X-Force was a huge gamble that paid off big for Marvel, paid off big for retailers and it changed my life forever. I’m thrilled and honored to share Killshot with everyone. Thirty years in the making, I intend to make every page a huge kick for fans new and old.”

Liefeld will handle both the writing and art on the issue, as well as two different covers for XForce :Killshot.

The last few months have been a good time to be a 90’s X-Men fan with not only Liefeld’s special, but also the X-Men Legends series that returns to key moments in X-Men history by the original writers such as Fabian Nicieza, Walt and Louise Simonson, Peter David, and Larry Hama so far.

Check out both of Liefeld’s covers below and be sure to keep checking back with Conskipper for all of your classic comic news.

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