‘Elvira Meets Vincent Price’ in New Series from Dynamite Entertainment

Although Elvira and Vincent Price have shared the same screen for talk shows and Halloween specials, the two icons have never teamed up for a comic book, until now that is…when Elvira and Price come together for a wild, comical, and fun romp in Dynamite Entertainment’s Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1 this August.

The Mistress of the Dark herself recalls Price as “…the consummate horror icon, who was beloved by millions of fans. And, yours truly was the biggest fan of them all! Back when this Mistress was just a ‘Miss,’ Vincent introduced me to the wacky world of Hollywood horror. His films and television shows were essential viewing for late night creature feature fanatics.”

Price’s daughter, Victoria Price, says that her father was also an admirer of Elvira, remembering that “My father loved Elvira. His face always lit up when she was around. And he felt a true kindred spirit, through the love of all things scary. He was an icon of the horror genre for decades, and I think he was happy that Elvira was picking up the mantle he had worked so hard to develop over the years. So many generations of fans looked to Vincent as the friendly face of frights and all things Halloween, and Elvira carried on that tradition.”

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1 is written by David Avallone with artwork by Juan Samu. The strange tale begins when Elvira is visited by the ghost of Price, who arrives to warn her about an impending apocalypse. From there, the thrills, chills, and spills come in a fast and furious fashion, as the pair try to track down a lost horror film that can avert the end of the world as we know it.

Issue #1 features a variety of cover artists, including fan favorites Dave Acosta, John Royle, Samu, and a photo cover of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

Dynamite Entertainment is also running an Indiegogo campaign that features a number of versions of an exclusive cover, including a signed version by Elvira and Victoria Price and a number of other special editions.

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1 will be available in finer comic shops on August 4.

Check out the standard cover by Acosta below and a preview page from issue #1 and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your classic comic and horror needs.


    1. You can pre-order at your local comic shop or if you want the exclusive cover, through Indiegogo.

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