Peach Momoko Offers New Take on the X-Men in ‘Demon Days: X-Men’ Series

Peach Momoko is well known for her cover work across a number of genres, and she will now get her first opportunity to share her unique take on the X-Men entitled Demon Days: X-Men this March.

Momoko will be making her writing and interior art debut in March with Demon Days: X-Men #1, a five-part prestige series featuring Wolverine, Psylocke, Venom, and more in Momoko’s distinct style.

The stories are set in ancient Japan and Momoko’s X-Men (as told to are primarily based in “…yōkai stories, horror stories, Japanese folktales, classic samurai tales… I wanted to tackle as much as possible telling these concepts with the Marvel characters and make something Marvel fans can still appreciate [while bringing] in a fresh direction. Also, I had to know how much I can push Marvel’s boundaries in character designing and storytelling.”

Momoko is clear to point out that “My characters aren’t Super Heroes. Some are samurai, some are oni and other yōkai, some are shamans, some are yojimbos… and many others. I have kept many of their special power, but also tweaked a lot to give it a natural yōkai story power… I hope everyone enjoys the different versions that I created. But I kept enough that I think everyone can still know who each are.”

Demon Days: X-Men #1 will be available starting in March on an every three-months release schedule.

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