Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham Finally Complete ‘Miracleman: The Silver Age’ in October

Good things come to those who wait, and for those Miracleman fans waiting for Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham to complete their unfinished Miracleman story arc for the past thirty years, wait no longer! 

Gaiman and Buckingham’s Miracleman:The Silver Age will begin in October with the release of remastered editions of the first two issues of the series (originally published by Eclipse Comics in 1993), accompanied by new artwork and bonus material.

Buckingham enthusiastically proclaimed that “We’re back! And after thirty years away it is both thrilling and terrifying.  Neil and I have had these stories in our heads since 1989 so it is amazing to finally be on the verge of sharing them with our readers.”

Buckingham described his artwork for the culmination of the series as “Cinematic in approach, clean and elegant, drawing on the best of my own style but also paying homage to the exceptional talents of all who came before us, whose unique visions have shaped this ground-breaking series over forty years, and the 1950’s Marvelman foundations on which it was built.”

For those whose memories might not be as sharp as they were thirty years ago, The Silver Age brings Young Miracleman (the lost member of the Miracleman Family) to the modern age, with his last memories consisting of the halcyon days of 1963 (which is ironically about as long as fans have been lost in time waiting for this comic).  Obviously, Young Miracleman has some questions about his new surroundings, as he attempts to adjust to the changes that have taken place since he has been gone.  

Gaiman and Buckingham’s first Miracleman story arc (after “the original writer”, also known as Alan Moore, left the title) will also be collected in October in a new reissue of Miracleman: The Golden Age

And if that is not enough Miracleman for you in October, Marvel Comics will also release the brand new Miracleman #0 with another story by Gaiman and Buckingham (that will eventually lead to a new Miracleman series), as well as ones by Jason Aaron and Mike Carey, writer/artist Ty Templeton, artist Ryan Stegman, and more.

If you want to catch up one everything that has come before, Marvel’s Miracleman Omnibus will hit stores in September.

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