Neil Gaiman Discusses All Aspects of Netflix’s ‘Sandman’ Trailer

If you were worried about Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s original two The Sandman story arcs (“Preludes & Nocturnes” and “The Doll’s House”) being faithful to the source material, your “dreams” will be answered after you watch the writer’s dissection of the latest trailer.

In the seventeen minute analysis (conducted by Vanity Fair), Gaiman is clear to point out that the original DC Comics were “always the Bible” when it came to guiding the production (which he is an executive producer on).

He would go on to say that the most exciting aspect of the production is just “How incredibly faithful it is and listening to lines I wrote over three decades ago.”

Check out the author’s insightful and funny comments about the upcoming series, which is scheduled to debut on Netflix on August 5.

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