Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden Expand on the Worlds of Dark Horse Comics ‘Baltimore’ and ‘Joe Golem’

Having already built his initial Hellboy title into an entire Mignolaverse, Mike Mignola and frequent collaborator Christopher Golden are about to stretch their Baltimore and Joe Golem series into an expansive shared universe at Dark Horse Comics.

The duo, along with artists Peter Bergting and Bridgit Connell and colorist Michelle Madsen, will add four new series to the “Outerverse” with Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens (March 24), Cojacaru the Skinner (April 21, 2021), Imogen of the Wyrding Way (June 23, 2021), and The Golem Walks Among! (August 4, 2021) debuting over the course of the year.

Mignola explains that the expanding line of interconnected stories wasn’t the original plan. In fact, “Way back when, Baltimore was just intended to be a novel and so was Joe Golem, but then, Hellboy was originally going to be a few comics, and I never imagined it would take off and turn into whatever the hell it is now. These things sometimes have a life of their own, and the best thing you can do is feed the fires and see where things are going to take you.”

Mignola went on to praise the artists involved in the new “Tales from the Outerverse” titles, saying “There’s no limit to how far this thing might go, especially with artists Bridgit Connell and Peter Bergting onboard doing, I think, the best work of their careers thus far.”

Golden says that as soon as he and Mignola “…realized that Baltimore and Joe Golem existed in the same universe, it started to grow and evolve in our minds. I knew Sofia’s story wasn’t over and we’d talked about doing Lady Baltimore, but it felt like this new universe was so much bigger than that, just bursting with possibilities. In the previous books we had already established a deep mythology and a broad timeline, but we wanted to explore a time where the big story points would overlap. Lady Baltimore was born of that.”

Check out the cover to Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens below and stay tuned to Conskipper for more information on these upcoming Dark Horse Comics series.

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