‘Space Bastards’ Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson: The Conskipper Interview

If you are looking for irreverent science fiction with witty dialogue and outrageous art by Darick Robertson (an man who knows a thing or two about outrageous comic art work), Humaniods Space Bastards may just be the series you are looking for.

Writers/creators Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson spoke to us about the new series, the fine artists they are working with, and what it is like to be on the Humanoids label in this exclusive interview.

What was the genesis of Space Bastards?

Joe Aubrey: Eric came up with the original idea – a guy, in over his head, delivering packages for the Intergalactic Postal Service in a ridiculously hostile universe.

Eric Peterson:  I went to film school and started taking old sketches from junior high and making movies out of them. Space Bastards was the most fun, and the most relatable, surprisingly. Joe and I did that for years, until ultimately realizing it would make for a killer comic book series.

 How did Darick Robertson become involved in the comic?

Peterson: I met Darick once through a mutual friend, and luckily for me, Darick was receptive to the fact that I really loved what he had crafted so far. I grew up glued to Transmetropolitan, and then later the Boys. We stayed in touch. When Joe and I wanted to make Space Bastards into an ongoing comic, Darick was the instant first pick for visuals as well as getting him involved as a co-creator.  

Aubrey: There’s a video re-enactment of us pitching Space Bastards to him at http://www.spacebastards.com.

Why is Robertson’s style perfect for the story?

Aubrey: Darick has a signature blend of humor and grit in his illustrations. Plus, he really pays attention to each character’s personality and expression of emotion. I think it’s fair to say, also, that he has a certain style when it comes to his work on independent projects that very much fits what we were going for. Any fan of Darick Robertson’s work will be delighted with his art in Space Bastards.

The story has a lot to do with delivery and the postal service. Is this a perfect opportunity to express the frustration with this daily life activity?

Peterson: It probably would be, but we intentionally missed that opportunity by keeping the focus on the carriers themselves. I think the story has more to do with the cost of doing business or pursuing a dream that the universe doesn’t naturally allow.

Future arcs will be illustrated by Simon Bisley and Clint Langley. Thoughts on both artists and what they will bring to the series?

Peterson:  They are both amazing in their own right and equally unique. We made sure that each of their issues would showcase their individual strengths and specific styles for sequential art. They are some of my favorite stories out of the many issues of Space Bastards thus far. It’s also just a treat to get to work with either of them as a writer. I feel like I’ve known them forever, even though it’s only been two years, simply because I’ve been staring at their work since I was a teenager.

Aubrey: These guys “adopted” some of our minor characters and really breathed new life into them. They changed the way I view the entire project. And both of them are absolute gentlemen.

Many creators opt to utilize crowdfunding services to get their projects off the ground. Why was this initially effective for both of you?

Aubrey:  It helped us do a “soft launch” with readers and a few critics. In the end we produced a premium edition hardcover. Having that as proof of concept made it easier to get the attention of publishers and potential collaborators. Going through the entire process helped us realize our strengths and weaknesses when it came to producing a comic. This made it much easier to work out an effective partnership with a publisher.

Humanoids has a long history with adult science fiction. Thoughts on Space Bastards being released by Humanoids and working with editor-in-chief Mark Waid?

Aubrey: We are honored and extremely lucky to be working with Humanoids and Mark Waid. They’ve been tremendously supportive and they understand our book and characters. It took no time to get them up to speed with our project.

Peterson: Working with Mark and the entire team at Humanoids has been a real dream come true for me. The Bastards could not be in the hands of a better partnership.

Upcoming storylines?

Aubrey:  Plenty! How did the Intergalactic Postal Service become the most successful business in the history of the universe? Can it be dismantled or replaced? Can anyone beat the Manicorn? How did the Brown Buffalo meet the Avocado Kid?

Peterson:  and… ZUNA.

Space Bastards #1 is currently available in finer comic shops everywhere and you can also get updates on the launch of the next Space Bastards Volume Two Hardcover Kickstarter project right here.

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