‘The Last Annihilation’ Brings Together All of Marvel’s Cosmic Heroes This Summer

Al Ewing has been building to a cosmic threat level crisis in his runs on Guardians of the Galaxy and S.W.O.R.D, laying the groundwork for the next Annihilation event, which appears to be the most grave one yet based on The Last Annihilation moniker.

Ewing is joined by artists Juan Frigeri and Valerio Schiti for the event, which kicks off with the July issues of Guardians of the Galaxy #16 and S.W.O.R.D. #7.

As evidenced by the cover to Guardians #16, the identity of the person behind The Last Annihilation is a mystery, but clues can be found in recent issues of both titles.

Ewing says that “Marvel Space these days is a fragile coalition of worlds that chose peace over war, a little bubble of hope in a cruel void – but there’s an enemy nobody ever suspected readying an attack that’ll either cement all those frail alliances or tear them to pieces.”

Check out the covers to both comics (by Brett Booth and Valerio Schiti respectively) and get ready for some cosmic mayhem this summer.

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