‘Tales From Harrow County’ Returns With New Series ‘Fair Folk’ by Cullen Bunn and Emily Schnall in July

Tales from Harrow County: Fair Folk continues the award-winning Harrow County series this July with a new mini-series written by Cullen Bunn, lettered by co-creator Tyler Crook, with art by Emily Schnall.   

Bunn is excited to get back to Harrow County and says that it has “…been too long since we’ve visited Harrow, but I’m so glad that this is the story that will welcome us back! There’s a big world to be explored, and this time around we’re delving into the realm of the fey folk as much as the realm of the haints. We’re going to answer a few questions, too, such as how Bernice dealt with her dear friend Emmy leaving.”

He also praised his artistic collaborator Schnall, saying that she “…fits right in among the good folks of Harrow. I absolutely love her version of these characters, and I think longtime fans of the book will love her work, too!”

Crook is also looking forward to working with Schnall and has “…been a fan of Emily Schnall’s work for a number of years now and I am so excited that she agreed to draw this mini-series. She has such a great sense of nature and horror.”

Schnall is excited to step into the visual world that Crook created for Harrow County, saying that he “…created a gorgeous, textural world for the series— I cannot get enough of his watercolors— and it’s been a welcome opportunity to break out my own brushes and paint palettes. Most of my work is digital these days, but my first love was ink and watercolor. Another love of mine is illustrating monsters, and this story does not disappoint. I had a great time designing new creatures and drawing some familiar friends. So everyone should get ready for haints and fair folk galore!”

Tales from Harrow County: Fair Folk #1 (of four) will be available in finer comic shops everywhere on July 21. Be sure to check out the cover to issue one below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your comic needs.

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