John Ridley and Juann Cabal Commemorate ‘Black Panther’ #200 with Oversized Issue in January

In only the third issue of John Ridley and Juann Cabal’s highly run on Black Panther, the new creative team will get to celebrate the character’s 200th issue with an oversized, star-studded comic.

Issue #200 (or #3 in terms of current numbering) will continue Ridley and Cabal’s principle storyline involving T’Challa’s tenuous involvement with the X-Men (and in particular, his ex-wife Storm) and bonus stories celebrating the past and hinting at an uncertain future for the Panther, the citizens of Wakanda, and a brand new Wakandan hero named Tosin Oduye (and you can check out German Peralta’s character sketches below).

Check out the covers by Alex Ross, Gary Frank, and Taurin Clarke for Black Panther #200 (which will be available at your local comic shop on January 26) below.

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