Grant Morrison and Dan Mora’s ‘The Complete Klaus’ Hardcover Collection Now Available on Kickstarter

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora’s sword-wielding Santa comes home for the holidays in a deluxe hardcover edition of their Boom! Studios hit, Klaus.

The first-ever hardcover collection of all of the Klaus stories is currently available to back on Kickstarter, right up until December 15 when he returns to the North Pole.

The 450 page, omnibus-sized collection contains the original seven-issue Klaus series from 2015 and every double-sized, annual holiday special that followed such as Klaus & The Witch of Winter, Klaus & The Crisis in Xmasville, Klaus & The Crying Snowman, and Klaus & The Life and Times of Joe Christmas.

In addition to the main event (which can be had for a pledge of $75.00), more intrepid backers can also purchase a slipcover edition, posters, prints, cards, and even original sketch editions by Mora.

Check out the hardcover below and be sure to be nice this holiday season (or else).

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