‘Thor: Blood and Thunder’ Epic Collection Brings Back ’90s Thor, Silver Surfer, and Warlock Crossover

The surprisingly hard to find (for early ’90s comics especially) “Blood and Thunder” crossover starring Thor, Silver Surfer, and Warlock and the Infinity Watch gets the Epic Collection treatment in the latest one bearing Thor’s name on the marquee.

Thor: Blood and Thunder Epic Collection contains the entire crossover originally presented in Thor #468-471, Silver Surfer #86-88, Warlock Chronicles #6-8, and Warlock and the Infinity Watch #23- 25 from 1993-94 by Ron Marz, Jim Starlin, Angel Medina, Bruce Zick, Andy Smith, and Kris Renkewitz.

For those that don’t remember, “Blood and Thunder” begins with an out of control God of Thunder running amok through the cosmos, as friends Beta Ray Bill, Sif, Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer try to cure the Norse god’s madness.

Naturally, Thanos gets involved when Thor gets his hands on an Infinity Gem, which doesn’t help deescalate the problems. The High Evolutionary and Odin also play a role in this sorted mess, which is one of the last of Marvel’s cosmic crossovers until Annihilation arrived over ten years later.

“Blood and Thunder” was originally collected in a graphic novel of the same name in 2011, with the only differences being the inclusion of Thor Annual #18 in the new edition. Annual #18 includes the introduction of the quickly forgotten new character The Flame and a Beta Ray Bill story. Story and art are provided by Marz, Tom Raney, Tom Grindberg, John Nyberg, and Don Hudson.

The Thor: Blood and Thunder Epic Collection consists of 504 pages and comes with a suggested retail price of $44.99.

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