Frank Cho Meets Fans at Enjoy Comics of Hawaii

Iconic comic book artist Frank Cho held an exclusive meet and greet at Enjoy Comics of Hilo, Hawaii on Thursday, taking photos with fans and selling out every last art print and comic book featuring his work in the process. Conskipper is located on the mainland and we couldn’t make it to the event so Hawaii resident and awesome brother Conskipper Steve covered the signing and scored a few autographs for his big bro in the meantime.

Mike Sado, Enjoy Comics’ owner, and Steve Morger, Cho’s original art rep organized a friendly and fun event for the store’s loyal followers and new visitors alike. The three gentlemen posed for our header photo and set up an environment where fans could meet with Cho in a laid back and socially distanced environment.

Cho took to Instagram to share how much he enjoyed meeting his fans at the signing, along with a photo he posed for at Rainbow Falls earlier in the day.

Enjoy Comics is Hilo’s only comic book store. The store opened in 2016, and it has since hosted a number of exclusive signings. Previous signing events have included appearances by Free Isabelo, Roy Chang, Marat Mychaels, Mark Texeira, Carl Potts, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Fans can learn about all of Enjoy Comics events through their Facebook page.

Stay tuned to Conskipper for complete coverage of all of the ways you could meet your comic book heroes and support your local comic shops as soon as it breaks!

Conskipper Photo Credits: Steven Evans & Jojette Evans

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