Elvira Spices Up Convention Season With New Kickstarter for ‘The Wrath of Con’

Elvira has always been known for her impeccable comic timing, and it appears that she (and her friends at Dynamite Entertainment) also have excellent “comic book” timing.

Elvira’s latest comic adventure, The Wrath of Con, arrives to coincide with the annual San Diego Comic Con and comic convention season as another incentive-laden Kickstarter campaign.

Elvira works with frequent comic collaborators, writer David Avallone and Dave Acosta, along with colorist Walter Pereyra and letterer Taylor Esposito, on the brand new 48 page comic book, and says that “If you’re like me, and I know you are exactly like me (wink), you’re missing the wonderfully wacky world of San Diego Comic Con this summer. I mean where else can you go dressed like this and feel normal. So since conventions are still DOA, I’m bringing the show to you, my sweeet darlings!”

The story begins at the “San Diego Popculturama” convention, and includes angry maniacs cosplayers, celebrities, collectors, and ritual cult murder (so, most of what can be found in San Diego) and Avallone says that he, like everyone else, has “…missed Comic Cons, but now you can get a taste of the madness with none other than ELVIRA as your escort! I’m so happy to team up with David, Walter, Taylor, and of course Cassandra, once again, in a direct sequel to last year’s Omega Ma’am. Drawing that project was a dream come true for me, and now, we will deliver the mother of all sequels with Wrath of Con!”

Be sure to check out the two covers below and all of the Kickstarter options, extras, and stretch goals which will be available to support until August 13.

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