Doug Wagner & Hoyt Silva Launch ‘Yumi’ Graphic Novel on Kickstarter

Writer Doug Wagner (Plastic, The Ride, Thomas River) and artist Hoyt Silva (Last Stop, Mongrel) have just launched a brand new graphic novel on Kickstarter that’s inspired by both classic spy stories and modern pop culture tropes to tell an original story of revenge. Entitled Yumi: Spy Fatale, Baddie Royale, the book promises, “Bloodsoaked katanas, sentient Lamborghinis, and a soundtrack that can level city blocks.”

As described in a new press release accompanying the launch on Kickstarter, the story follows, “Yumi—the world’s greatest hacker, demolitions expert, and parkour savant—embarks on a globe-trotting mission of vengeance as she tracks down her kidnapped boyfriend, super spy Richard.” The book features colors by Kevin Lennertz, lettering by Frank Cvetovic, and design by Sasha Head. Lisako Yamauchi serves as editor of the graphic novel and 12-Gauge Comics will publish the book.

According to Wagner, “Yumi pays homage and respect to the massive contribution Ian Fleming gifted the literary world, while bringing a modern flair to the genre. Yumi may sound like a spy story, but it embraces so much more. Yumi is about how love can inspire a person to become more than they believed of themselves. It’s ridiculous and over the top. It’s a story of unconditional, all-consuming love filtered into an action blockbuster—Scott Pilgrim meets Kingsman, all wrapped in a sassy, heartwarming pancake.”

The Kickstarter campaign will feature a variety of options for fans who want to add Yumi to their collections. There are three different softcover editions featuring covers by Lois van Baarl, Eliza Ivanova, and Chris Brunner. Fans can also order two different limited edition hardcover editions featuring art from Eliza Ivanova and Lois Van Baarl.

Fans can back this project starting today by visiting the official Kickstarter page. The campaign will run on Kickstarter from now until March 11, 2021.

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