‘Doctor Strange’ Returns From the Dead in New Series by Jed Mackay and Pasqual Ferry

Jed MacKay and Pasqual Ferry resurrect Doctor Stephen Strange for a brand new on-going series beginning in March.

The new chapter of Strange’s mystical adventures begins following the events of Mackay’s Death of Doctor Strange mini-series and the follow-up Strange series (where longtime compatriot and love interest Clea took over the mantle as the Master of the Mystic Arts).

The first arc opens with a surprising mystery that involves characters from Strange’s long publication history, as well as some new threats and adversaries.

MacKay says that “It’s been really exciting to have the opportunity to not only continue exploring the magical side of the Marvel Universe with the inhabitants of 177A Bleecker Street, but to follow the lives of the Stranges as the last year and a half has put them through the wringer. Pasqual has been putting together a truly magical book, and I’m super psyched to show people what’s in store for Stephen and Clea Strange—and of course, we won’t be giving them any time off after recent events…”

For Ferry, the new series fulfills one of his career goals, as the artists “…always wanted to draw: Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. Why Doctor Strange? Because his stories include all the elements I love as an artist—the fantasy, science fiction, and imagination. Above all, the fact that I could look at Steve Ditko’s work as a reference really motivates me! When he drew Doctor Strange, all the utopian and imaginary sceneries  were incredible. So this is a very special moment in my career, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the character is going to take us with this new narrative. I know a lot of artists, including myself, consider Doctor Strange a challenge, like there is a need to add something new to the character because it offers you that possibility. For me, Doctor Strange is a big challenge, but I embrace it.”

You can check out Doctor Strange’s slightly revamped costume designed by Alex Ross below. Ross will also provide a series of covers for the relaunched series.  

Look for Doctor Strange #1 in stores on March 22.

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