Chris Cantwell Reveals Details about His Upcoming Iron Man Series

Writer Chris Cantwell is jumping from one iron-suited character to another in September, switching out Doctor Doom’s grim visage for the classic red and gold sheen of Iron Man.

In an exclusive interview with Angélique Roché on, Cantwell described Tony Stark as “… a man who thinks he’s a god and a god who wants to be a man. That to me boils down the conflict of the character. Tony’s ego has always been a major problem for him in his life. The book really starts with Tony taking a look at himself: ‘Who am I really? Who is Iron Man? I want to be a hero again, what does that mean?’”

To help ground Tony, Patsy Walker will be on hand in the new series “…so she can call Tony on his B.S.” and “…look at his humble new image and go, I don’t think you’re really going far enough if you really want to restart and find your humanity.”

Cantwell also promises some classic villains (as clearly evidenced by Alex Ross’ cover for issue one, which is a classic Iron Man fan’s dream) as he has been going through back issues and bringing back some of the lesser known characters and ones that haven’t been used in awhile.

Cantwell also praised interior artist CAFU for his ability to “…elevate the material so well” and described working with cover artist Ross as a “Dream come true”.

Check out the cover to issue one below (which goes on sale on September 16) and be sure to come back to Conskipper for more information about this new Iron Man series.

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