‘X-Men Legends’ Retro Series Returns With More Lost Mutant Tales

Classic X-Men fans rejoice! The throw-back series, X-Men Legends, returns this August with a brand new number #1 and a story set before Giant Size X-Men #1 by Marvel legend Roy Thomas and artist Dave Watcher.

The two-part kick-off story stars a young Wolverine, still working as a government operative, and his initial encounter with the furry, blue version of Hank McCoy’s Beast, who is hot on the trail of some missing mutants. The first issue also reveals some hidden details about Wolvie’s first dustup with the Hulk from his first appearance and the secret behind Wolverine’s costume!

The in-continuity tales continue in the second arc (starting in issue #3) by Ann Nocenti and Javier Pina, sees Nocenti return to a character that she created, the lucky as heck Longshot in a story set right after his introductory mini-series from 1985. The all-new story naturally involves Mojo, Mojoworld madness, Spiral, and guest stars Wolverine and Shadowcat.

The previous X-Men Legends series followed the same formula with writers and artists from X-Men days past revisiting their former creations and storylines, and adding in some carefully placed ones between the events of their former runs. X-Men alumni from the first series included: Chris Claremont, Louise and Walt Simonson, Peter David, Larry Hama, and Fabian Nicieza and Brett Booth.

Check out the covers to the first three issues below by Kaare Andrews (issues #1 and #2) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (issue #3) and look for the first issue in stores on August 10.

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