‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is Officially the Most Streamed Movie of 2020

If WarnerMedia executives had access to the Dreamstone, they couldn’t have done better than Wonder Woman 1984‘s performance on HBO Max this holiday season.

According to The Holloywood Reporter’s analysis of a Screen Engine survey, Wonder Woman 1984 was the most streamed movie of 2020. In fact, WW84 has already been watched more in its first few days than any other streaming debut this year, beating both Hamilton and Soul.

Most importantly, it appears that Warner Bros. plan to attract new customers to HBO Max through Wonder Woman 1984 is working. According to the date “…23 percent of those viewing WW84 signed up for the streaming service in order to watch the superhero sequel over the Dec. 25-27 weekend. Among that group, 14 percent said they will continue to subscribe, while 9 percent are likely to cancel soon.” An additional 19 percent of subscribers told Screen Rant that “… had it not been for WW84, and will now likely remain customers for the time being.”

In terms of total subscribers, top level executives at WarnerMedia may want to get another call in to Maxwell Lord, as Disney+ still dominated the streaming game with more than 87 million subscribers to HBO Max’s 28.7 million.

WarnerMedia’s strategy to release all of their 2021 movie line-up to HBO Max and traditional theaters on the same day may continue to add subscribers, but it will be interesting to see if the company can replicate the success of Wonder Woman 1984.

Even with the release on HBO Max, WW84 was able to generate a record $16.7 million pandemic box office opening.

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