‘Wolverine’ Omnibus Vol. 3 Continues Solo Series and Graphic Novel Collection

The third volume in the Wolverine Omnibus series debuts in January with more adventures from his popular solo series and a number of rare graphic novel/one-shot specials.

The stories pick up right after the Wolverine Omnibus Vol. 2 with the start of Larry Hama, Marc Silvestri, and Dan Green’s run in Wolverine #31-59. The popular run includes Wolverine taking on a drug cartel in Madripoor, The Hunter in Darkness, The Reavers, a Wolvie-doppelganger named Albert, and of course, Sabretooth (who, at the time, thought he was Logan’s father).

Wolverine’s other monthly book, Marvel Comics Presents, is also included in the collection, starting with the issues following the “Weapon X” storyline. Issues #85-108 are included in Volume 3, beginning with Peter David and Sam Kieth’s eight-part “Blood Hungry” story.

Other monthly series contained in the Omnibus consist of Omega Red’s introduction in X-Men #4-7 and Wolverine stories from Marvel Fanfare #54-55.

The third Omnibus in the series also captures some of the more mature (read as “violent”) one-shot specials and graphic novels such as Wolverine: Bloody Choices by Tom DeFalco and John Buscema, Wolverine: Rahne of Terra by David and Andy Kubert, and the Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness cash cow from 1991 by Howard Mackie, John Romita, Jr., and Klaus Janson.

In addition to the previously mentioned creators, Timothy Truman, Fabian Nicieza, D.G. Chichester, Jim Lee, Richard Howell, Rob Liefeld, Scott Lobdell, John Byrne. Larry Stroman, Jerry DeCaire, Todd Foxx, Darick Robertson, Richard Howell, Jim Valentino, Gene Colan, Tim Vigil, Al Milgrom, Don Hudson, Gary Kwapisz, Hilary Barta, Joe Rubinstein, Art Thibert, Bob Wiacek, Bud LaRosa, Al Williamson, Tom Palmer, and Scott Williams are also represented in the collection.

Wolverine Omnibus Vol. 3 comes with a suggested retail price of $125.00 and 1,264 pages of content.

Fans can also choose between three different covers; one by Lee, and two variants by Silvestri and Michael Avon Oeming respectively.

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