Rafer Roberts and Mike Norton Turn Up the Volume for ‘The Rock Gods of Jackson, Tennessee’ Graphic Novel

Grumble creators Rafer Roberts and Mike Norton bring the comedic, supernatural noise in their upcoming original graphic novel The Rock Gods of Jackson, Tennessee this July.

The new Dark Horse Comics graphic novel (which also includes colorist Allen Passalaqua and letterer Crank! on the creative team) combines a variety of genres to tell the story of a high school rock band from the late 1980s who must face typical and not-so-typical problems associated with being high school rock and rollers.

Roberts insists that “This is the comic I was born to write. Rock Gods is incredibly weird, and a little scary, but it’s also oddly tender and caring.”

The original idea, according to Roberts, “…started with Mike throwing ideas at me. His idea about his high school friends starting a rock band (but having to fight monsters instead) seemed like it would be in my wheelhouse. And, like Mike, I was also in a terrible rock band back in high school and thought I might have something to say.”

Norton says that the original idea was “…to make a serious autobiographical story about my hometown, but I soon realized that wasn’t as fun as working with Rafer and making stuff up that never happened!”

The Rock Gods of Jackson, Tennessee will be released in bookstores and at your favorite comic shop on July 6.

Check out the wild cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your graphic novel news.

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