Eve L. Ewing and Chris Allen Begin New ‘Black Panther’ Series in June

Eve L. Ewing and Chris Allen will continue to chronicle the trails and tribulations of T’Challa and friends in a brand new Black Panther series this June.

Ewing and Allen’s new first issue follows John Ridley’s run (which wraps up with issue #15) and Ewing says that she is “…bowled over at the opportunity to write such a marquee character. I see it as a big responsibility. Black Panther is a tremendously important legacy character for Marvel fans, but moreover the character has become one of the most important icons in pop culture for people of the African diaspora all over the world.”

Ewing also gives the “Panther’s share” of the credit for the opportunity to write the new series to “…my friend and mentor, Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is a big part of why I’m even in comics. There are a lot of talented creators working right now and I feel very awed that the editorial team asked me to take this on. It makes me feel really seen as a comics writer, very humbled, and very grateful. It’s a big role for me and I take it extremely seriously.”

Ewing says that the Panther and Wakanda may not be what readers expect after Ridley finishes up his storyline, as it is “…going to be more than a little disrupted. But I’ve always believed that the fun of writing these characters is not completely ignoring or undoing what your predecessor did, nor is it simply continuing with their story line—it’s taking the reins from the place where they left the story, and accepting the challenge to make it your own. In this case, I can say that I’m extremely geeked about the ways we’re picking up where he leaves off.”

Check out the teaser Art by RAHZZAH below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Black Panther new.

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