Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight Battle Once Again in October’s ‘Moon Knight’ Annual #1

Jed MacKay continues his fan-favorite Moon Knight run in Moon Knight Annual #1 by bringing back a character that is synonymous with the character’s debut: Werewolf by Night.

MacKay and artist Federico Sabbatini reintroduce Jack Russell into the Moon Knight mythos with a Darkhold prophecy which leads directly to a rematch between the two denizens of the night.

MacKay says that the upcoming annual provided a “…place to revisit some old history. Moon Knight has changed a lot since he first did battle with the Werewolf by Night, but so has Jack Russell, and having the opportunity to see how these two interact now, all these years later, has been a lot of fun.”

MacKay also teased another surprise from “…Moon Knight’s history who is turning up when Federico Sabbatini joins us for another adventure (and draws the hell out of it, I must add).”

Look for Moon Knight Annual #1 at your local comic shop just a few days before Halloween on October 26.

Check out the cover by Rod Reis below and make sure to check out all of Conskipper’s Moon Knight coverage.

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