‘Moon Knight’ Returns in Ongoing Series by Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappucio this July

Writer Jed MacKay and artist Alessandro Cappucio begin a new chapter in the complicated life of one of Marvel’s cult favorites, Moon Knight, this July.

MacKay and Cappucio’s new ongoing series (starting in July) spins directly out of Moon Knight’s recent Avengers story arc, “The Age of Khonshu”, by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, Francesco Manna, and Javier Garron.
MacKay is excited to work with Cappuccio on the series and said that “In the wake of his disastrous attempt to take over the world in the “Age of Khonshu,” Marc Spector (et al) has retreated to what he knows – busting heads on the streets. But despite betraying his god to the Avengers, the Fist of Khonshu’s obligations remain the same – to protect those traveling at night.”
Cappucio is equally excited to make his debut for Marvel with the fan-favorite character, and says that the assignment “…is a dream come true! The story is a new beginning for Moon Knight, Jed did an excellent job as usual on the scripts and I’m delighted to be working with a professional of his caliber.”

Check out the cover for Moon Knight #1 by Steve McNiven below and look for the Knight in stores on July 7.

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