Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks: April 7, 2021

Welcome back to Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks for the week of April 7, 2021!

Get ready for another expensive week at your local comic shop with some high-profile new series, some important finales, and a host of other goodies from DC, Marvel, and Image in this week’s list!

–The Immortal Hulk #45 (Marvel Comics): “The Weakest One There Is” storyline concludes in issue 45 of Immortal Hulk and this comic is better than ever. Al Ewing, Joe Bennet, and Ruy Jose continue to deliver Hulk stories that will appeal to those that love the original Kirby/Lee stories, Peter David’s epic run, and everything in between, with a level of respect for the Hulk’s previous history that has never been displayed before. With a a very Boris Karloff-esque Hulk cover by Alex Ross, do you need any other reason to pick this one up?

-The Avengers #44 (Marvel Comics): The penultimate chapter of “Enter the Phoenix” lands with a lot of expectations and the likely jumping off place for the upcoming Heroes Reborn event. Which member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is about to get even mightier than before with the addition of the Phoenix Force? You’ll have to pick up this issue to see, and we are sure that Jason Aaron and Javier Garron have some surprises on store.

-Geiger #1 (Image Comics): Geoff Johns and Gary Frank reunite for Image Comics Geiger (think Geiger counter and not artist H.R. Geiger). This post-apocalyptic story features a poisoned wasteland, Nightcrawlers, Organ People, and Joe Glow: The Meltdown Man. The star-power of both creators is sure to draw in fans and speculators looking for the next big thing. This one also comes with a ton of variants, so take your pick!

-The Next Batman: Second Son #1 (DC Comics): Writer John Ridley and artists Tony Akins and Travel Foreman tell the origin of Future State’s Batman, Tim Fox in this follow-up, “prequel” story. Telling the story in reverse is an interesting way to approach a character that has generated a ton of buzz and questions. What’s his origin story? Why did Tim have a falling out with his father Lucius Fox (as well as the rest of his family? Just like the Future State issues, this one is sure to sell through, so get yours while you can.

-Green Lantern #1 (DC Comics): We all known Green Lantern, but what about Teen Lantern! The witty play on the title heroes name is one thing, but can this new teen handle the responsibility of not only a ring but a gauntlet? Featuring a newly formed United Planets, the Guardians of the Universe, and pretty much every remaining Green Lantern other than Hal Jordan, this one should please fans of the old Green Lantern Corps comics. Written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci, this one should also be a quick sell-out.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to keep supporting your local comic shop in a safe and responsible manner.

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