The X-Men and Captain Marvel Try to Withstand ‘The Revenge of the Brood’ in Upcoming Crossover

The Broods two most frequent adversaries, The X-Men and Captain Marvel, unite to stave off yet another Brood invasion in the seven-part crossover entitled “Lord of the Brood/Revenge of the Brood”.

The crossover will take place in X-Men #19-21 and Captain Marvel #46-49, and begins when the X-Men received a distress call from deep space that informs them that their long history with the savage aliens is far from over.

“Revenge of the Brood” and “Lord of the Brood” harken back to the original Captain Marvel and X-Men team-up from Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and Paul Smith’s “Brood Saga” in Uncanny X-Men #161 to 167. The bug-blasting adventure from 1982 had some far reaching consequences for Carol Danvers, which led to her becoming the energy charged Binary for a few years, before taking on the Warbird moniker.

Current Captain Marvel writer Kelly Thompson says that “I have been wanting to write the Brood and have some X-Men guest stars since we started this Captain Marvel run in 2019! The Brood were off the table for a long time due to some changes to their role in the Marvel Universe—and that was true, a little, of the X-Men too. So it’s really exciting to have all of it coming together finally in one story—our biggest Captain Marvel story yet—feels right, y’know? It especially feels right because the Brood are truly [some] of Carol’s greatest nemeses. [Considering] how we’ve been pushing on her powers, her role in the Marvel Universe, and her commitment to being a hero—it feels like things all coming to a head.”

X-Men writer Gerry Duggan hints that “The X-Men must make some hard choices about their pest control services, and what about Broo, the former student at the X-Mansion, we thought he was the Lord Of The Brood? The problems are galactic and it’s all hands on deck including Captain Marvel, Rogue, Gambit, and Polaris.”

The covers for the crossover will also form one giant connecting cover by Juan Frigeri, which you can check out below.

Look for the first chapter in X-Men #19 on February 8 at your local comic shop, followed the very next week by the first Captain Marvel installment in issue #46 (on February 15).

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