‘Stranger Things’ Omnibus Volume 1 Collects First Four Dark Horse Comics Series

Can’t get enough Stranger Things? Missed the original Dark Horse Comic mini-series? Well, you happen to be in luck this October, as the first volume of the Stranger Things Omnibus has you covered on all counts.

The first four Stranger Things series (Stranger Things: The Other SideStranger Things: SixStranger Things: Into the Fire, and Stranger Things: Science Camp) are all contained in the first trade paperback volume by Jody Houser, Stefano Martino, Ryan Kelly, Le Beau Underwood, Edgar Salazar, Aleksi Briclot, and Keith Champagne.

The stories range from Will’s journey into the Upside down, adult survivors of Hawkins Lab attempting to locate estranged relatives, psychic teens trying to escape Hawkins lab, and Dustin and Suzie’s romantic (not too romantic, of course) adventures at Science Camp.

Stranger Things Omnibus Volume 1 consists of 360 pages for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Look for the omnibus at your favorite comic store on October 12.

If you’d like to find out more about Houser’s work on Stranger Things, check out our exclusive interview with her from NYCC 2019.

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